Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bears repeating

This artical is about a high school student that goes on a 30 day hikking trip but was not properly informed how to hang their food. The first time they went to this camp site, they had their food in wooden creates thinking they could not get in. But obvcouces, the bear proved them wrong. The second year at the same camp site, they put their food in there canoe 300ft into the water. But they were woken up by a large splash, and were stunded when they saw that the bear had swam into the water and eaten the food. The following year Leslie brought their first ever girl friend to the camp site because it was romantic. Bear or no bear. But this time they thought that they could out think the bear and hang it very high in a tree attached to a branch. That night they were again woken by the noise of the bear going trough their food, but this time, upside down. Leslie then took an axe and hit him with the flat side of it to scare it away. falling down from the tree , Leslie went for another strike but it bounced of the bear back and hit Leslie in the leg. The wound need stiches, but to stop the beelding the only thing they had was a tampon. The bear, she imagined, had the last laugh. The next day the canoed to saftly and got medical attenting. Lislie, now has a diffrent sngle on bear.

Artical by; Leslie Anthony


May 2004 / issue 126

Rate ****

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