Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cougar-Annie Langlois

Rating: ***

“Cougar” is short, informative article about the wild cougars in Canada.
The article is about to gradual decline of the cougar and its re-emergence into eastern Canada. They were once spread across Canada, following the ranges of the white tailed deer. As human population increased, the white tailed deer decreased. However, cougar numbers have remained stable in the West. Recent sightings may indicate that the cougar is coming east again.

This article was sent to my family by our cottage Lake Association. Over the last year, there have been reported sightings of possible cougars in the Westport, ON area. If these sightings are confirmed, they can have a serious impact on hikers, campers/cottagers and hunters in the Rideau lakes area.

I hope that more sightings can be confirmed so that proper measures can be made to ensure both the safety of people in rural areas and the growth the cougar population.

Langlois, Annie.”Cougar” Canadian wildlife (Sept/Oct 2011): 40. Print

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