Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stand Up and Paddleboard

Rating: ****

Ever heard of a SUP? I didn't until I read this article.

This article has a huge picture of a person standing on what looks like a surf board, but she has a long paddle. A new sport has been created for all shapes and sizes. It is called stand up paddleboarding. (SUP) It was invented so people can skim through placid waters and enjoy nature. These new boards look very similar to a regular surf board but they are built so people can stand on them and glide. This is a fantastic workout.This new sport looks fun and relaxing. It looks much less complicated than a sport like wind surfing. You can really be one with nature when it comes to this sport.

This article on paddleboarding has really got me thinking of trying a new outdoor sport that I would never have thought of before. It looks peaceful and serene, but at the same time exhilarating. I could paddle from mid-lake to shallow marsh and explore.

I would recomend this article to anyone who dares to try something different.

Stand Up and Paddleboard, Tara Hamilton: Ottawa Outdoors; Summer/Fall 2011

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