Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Find Freedom This Winter! Snowshoe Petrie Island and Gatineau Park

Jennifer Goldstone-author

This article was talking about how much fun snowshoeing was. It mentioned how much effort it took to snowshoe, which was not much at all. Also how inexpensive it was. If you are not in a club it will cost only one payment of the snowshoes for $60-$400.

Then it went on to talk about the clubs that are in the Ottawa and Orleans area. If you are to join one of these clubs it would be an annually payment depending on the club. The two main spots that Jennifer Goldstone (the author of this article) and her club go to are Petrie Island and in the Gatineau area. The Pertie Island route is more flat but the Gatineau area has a bit more hilly areas.

This article was pretty interesting to see that there is more to do in the winter time than just cross-country skiing. It also cool to see that there are clubs for this kind of sport.

Rating ****

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