Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Article #1

Tarps to the rescue!

By: Craig Macartny

I read the article titled “Tarps to the rescue” The article was about how one piece of material (such as a tarp) could save your life. When your camping and it’s during a down poor and your tent is unable to keep water out, if you forgot your tent or you need to shelter your belongings or food you could easily make a shelter with a tarp.

The article explains the positive factors about using a tarp as a shelter, first because there easy to fit into a pack, there 100% water proof and very easy to build. Also the article explains how to make an easy shelter with a tarp and with the more materials or tools you have, you can improve and make your shelter even more durable and secure.

I thought the article was alright it wasn’t at my point of interest but it taught me to not underestimate the power of the tarp it’s is very useful and it may one day save your life. I would recommend to people to read this article before going on a camping trip to insure they can have a back up plan if all else fails. It may come in handy!

Rating: **

By: Alexia Lamothe

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