Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fool on the Hill-Kevin Callan

Rating: ****

The article fool on the hill was very interesting. the picture was the most important for this article.
the article was about someguys filming  a video that was called "my triumphant portage across the grassy lawn of Ottawas parliament hill. the officers were all over this and complained about them portaging across parliament hill. as they were filming there were kids playing Frisbee, and a group of women gathered to do a morning yoga class that was fine to the police but portaging across Parliament they were disappointed. the Filmer's have had the chance to film everything before the officers kicked them off the property. the officers declared that you can film all you want but you cant portage across Parliament

It affected me in a strange way because in my perspective I always that that you can do anything on Parliament hill turns out i was wrong. i think that people should do what every they want to do considering that the canoe is a symbol of Canadians and how Canadians are.

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