Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stand up and paddleboard! – Tara Hamilton

‘Stand up and paddle board’ is a very interesting article that introduces you to a new kind of paddling.

This article is all about a new kind of paddling called Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). SUP is a basically a surfboard that is meant to stand on and paddle. You can take this board onto fresh water. It is a fun easy activity that is a nice relaxing thing to do. Even though it does not take much to go Stand Up Paddle boarding it still a workout. In the article they speak of its workout benefits “…involves your whole body, especially your core.” This article also includes some of the history of the SUP that has recently become popular since the early 2000s. You can tell that the person who wrote this article really enjoys Stand Up Paddleboard and is really passionate about this activity. It makes for a really good article about an interesting topic.

I enjoyed reading this article. I think that this activity is really interesting and I would like to try it sometime. I also found it to be a good article because of how it was written. The authors’ enthusiasm really came out throughout the article and made for a good read. I would recommend this article to others to read. If you already heard of this activity you can get more information and if not you will get to learn about a really interesting type of paddling.

‘Stand up and paddleboard!’ – Tara Hamilton/Ottawa Outdoors Magazine/summer-fall 2011/ pg. 5-6/

Rating; ****

By; Rachel Andolfatto

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