Sunday, October 2, 2011

Need Speed? Just Beet It.

Rating: *****

Need Speed? Just Beet It. is an intriguing article about some cyclist's who were tested on their speed and endurance capabilities by an underestimated vegetable: beetroot juice.
This article tells the readers about a study done at a university testing the difference between cyclist's abilities with and without the nitrates in beetroot juice. After remarkable improvement from both tests using the cyclist's maximum effort each time, the researchers were able to clarify that nitrate is the ingredient affecting their performance.
During one study, the test subjects drank 500 ml of beetroot juice for 6 days. They were then tested on a bike and they were able to exercise an average of 15% longer.
I really liked this article because it shows you an alternative to chemicals increasing your stamina in exercising. I would recommend this article to anyone who is seeking to improve their speed and endurance skills; naturally.

Need Speed? Just Beet It. by Stephania Varalli

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