Saturday, October 1, 2011


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Didn't your mother tell you to eat your vegetables? Because if she did she would be wrong. In this article Stephania Varalli talks about how to get the most out of your vegetables. The trick is to drink beet-juice!

This article demonstrates that to be active and healthy you need to DRINK your vegetables. In the University of Exeter a group of cyclists biked a 4km path without drinking beet juice and then the same 4km path after drinking the beet juice and they finished with an average of 11 seconds faster with the beet juice. And on a 16.1km race the riders were finishing with an average of 45 seconds faster! They did another test when a biker was asked to do the same distance twice without knowing scientists removed the key ingredient, nitrate from the juice in one ride and kept it in the second ride. Going at the exact same pace, the biker was 3% faster.

How does it work Simple, the nitrate in the beetroot juice widens blood vessels which leads to lower blood pressure and easier blood flow. It also affects muscle tissue, reducing the amount of oxygen they need to produce power.

I liked this article because it was very interesting how the scientists were able to figure out how the nitrate produces power and all the tests that were done. I would recomend this article to anyone that is active or likes to run long distance.

By: Stephania Varalli

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