Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paddler Profile: Mark Scriver-Garry Hamilton

Paddler Profile: Mark Scriver-Garry Hamilton


This whole is just what its title says it is: a paddler's profile. It is bascally a short version of a biography of Mark Scriver. Mark was born in a family that loved the outdoors and its sports, and quickly became an adept of camping and other outdoor activities. His interest in canoeing grew, especialy in flatwater, and he eventually won a medal at the world championships for whitewater rodeo, on the Ocoee River, Tennessee, in 1993. Mark is married and has two boys.

This was a very informative, and strictly informative. Do not expect to get chills of excitment reading this article. But overall, it is a very interesting piece of literature. A good read.

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