Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Pack a Backpack- Dave Brown

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How to pack a backpack it essential to having a great time hiking even if your going on a weekend hike or a week long hike. This article will show you how to pack light and pack balanced, so you aren't over exerted at the end of a long day.

The article is about packing a backpack that's balanced, yet light. The backpack should be set up into 3 zones. Zone 1is located at the very bottom and is for light items such as clothes. Zone 2 is found at the middle and is for the heaviest items, meaning food, stoves, and tent, etc. Zone 3 is at the top of the pack and is for medium weight or bulkier items. It can also be used for items that you might need during your hike, meaning snacks, headlamps, extra pair of socks, gloves, etc. This article also gives a lot of packing tips, one would be to use small and compact color coated bags to organize your clothes, food and everything else you might have in your pack.

I enjoyed this article very much as it made me realize how much more there is to packing the right way. I found out where and how everything should be packed so my pack can be balanced, yet light on the back. It has inspired me to tech others how to successfully pack a backpack to ensure an enjoyable hike. From now on I will use these methods when packing for Expedition and such activities

Brown, Dave. Ottawa Outdoors Page 36. Fall 2011


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