Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinhey's Point

Rating: ****

"Pinhey's Point is one of those rare locations where cultural and natural (Canadian) history come together."

Pinhey's Point is a beautiful site roughly 35-hectare in size, with much to offer. Pinhey's docks are often in use as travelling boaters come by to witness the beauty of the land, and the breathtaking views. The stone foundation of an original cabin from 1820 remain there, in good enough condition to give the people that visit a look into the life of the people who once lived there. Although the site is difficult to find due to the dirt path entrances and winding, criss-crossing trails surrounding it, the visitors who have adventured to find it claim it is well worth the effort. Pinhey's even offers a childrens' program to give children the opportunity to witness for themselves the wildlife on the site, such as racoons, beavers, fishers and multiple species of birds.

The enthusiasm of the writer of this article has me interested in possibly viewing this site for myself, as the beautiful descriptions and good pictures of the site are truly selling it. I would recommend this article to nature lovers who are looking for a good destination to explore.

Ottawa Outdoors Spring/Summer 2010
Pinhey's Point (Pg 26)
By: Emma Jackson

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