Wednesday, October 26, 2011

River's Up!

Rating: ****

When people think of surfing, the ocean and the tropics are some of the first things thought of, but many people are now surfing on rivers . In Montreal, on the St. Lawrence River, kayaker and surfer Corran Addison has brought river surfing to the world's eyes. There have also been discoveries of other rivers around the world with a great tube, such as the Zambezi River. Recently, in 2006, the first major international river surfing competition was held in Lyon, France.

Like ocean surfing, practice, and persistence, makes perfect and the sport is open to almost anyone with strong swimming skills. However there are also the same dangers, such as drowning or hitting underwater hazards. Surfer's can protect themselves by strapping on a helmet and lifejacket, but it isn't required. Unlike ocean surfing, there is only 10-20 "surfable" waves around the Montreal area, therefore rides are limited to a few minutes if there is a lineup, but you are almost always guaranteed a ride.

The author of this article talks about how although river surfing is only now becoming popular, it has been around for decades. He also compares ocean surfing to river surfing, which gives readers a better idea of the sport. I am very interested in learning how to surf, and now river surfing is an activity that I would like to try as well.

Kirkby, Bruce. "River's Up!". Explore Magazine. July/August 2006. Page 22. Print.

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