Saturday, October 1, 2011

Science Links Outdoor Activities and Happiness

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Do you feel a little stressed or tired? New studys prove that a simple walk or hike in the great outdoors can improve your mood !

The article I chose to read was on a study John Zelenski, a professor at Carleton University and a PhD candidate Lisa Nisbet conducted. It was about how getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and taking a simple walk in the woods can help to relieve stress, boost your mood and refocus your attention. For over two months volunteers went on daily walks outside, they then filled out questionaires every couple of days about their mood changes and activities. They found that there were signifigant changes in the volunteers moods, they also found that the voulenteers who spent the most time outdoors felt more connected to nature and felt more enviromentally conscious. Being active in nature also creates a more positive attitude. They also found that walking in a park is much more effective than walking downtown or in the city. Studies in Chicago also state that people who live near green spaces have less symptoms of ADHD. Overall the article was about how being involved in nature and the outdoors helps to promote mental health and overall well being.

This article has helped me realize the importance of being outdoors on a regular basis, and the conection it has to human health. It has made me think about the amount of time that I spend outside when I'm busy and has inspired me to try this new theory. I really liked this article and would recommend that the next time you feel stressed out or are in a bad mood, to take a walk in the outdoors.

Author, Craig Macartney(2011).Science Links outdoor Activities and Happiness. Ottawa Outdoors, Spring 2011. Pages 8 & 9.

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