Monday, October 24, 2011

Whats in your Hiking Pack?

The article that I will be summarizing in this report is named ‘What’s in your Hiking
Pack?’ by Pursue the Outdoors. The article was well thought out and gave you
some great ideas into what should go into your hiking pack.

When hiking a well thought out bag is essential to make the experience an enjoyable and
safe one. The author who is unnamed is explaining in a short article what he keeps in his hiking
packs to help new and even experienced hikers who are planning a trip. The
author tells us that he was a boy scout and also a United States Marine which
gives the audience a reassurance of his experience. He goes on to put items
into two different categories which are the highly recommended and the nice to

The highly recommended category includes items such as a cell phone, signal mirror, map
and compass and so on. Also a really nice feature he has added to his article
is the weight in ounces of each item. The nice to have category includes items
such as a hunting knife, toilet paper, paper and pen and so on. Once again he
includes the weight of each item. The ending of the article points out an
important point to the reader which is if you carry something-make sure you
know how to use it.

The article gives really great advice which will help me on any future camping trips I will
be making. Also it has made me realize how unorganized I am when I am going to
be going on a trip.

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