Monday, October 24, 2011

“Look up – way, way up” – Julia Sisler

Rating: ****

“Look up – way, way up” is a
nice article by Julia Sisler that I really enjoyed reading.

Julia Sisler writes about her personal experience in the highest and longest aerial course in Quebec – “La Rafale”! The article provides a lot of information about the outdoor climbing park and you get to know about all the different features it offers. In case you want to visit “La Rafale”, there are additionally some tips stated in the article, which will make your climbing day in “La Rafale” an unforgettable experience.

After I finished reading this article I just wanted to go up in the trees of “La Rafale” and start climbing. The detailed information gave me a good overall impression of the park which seems to be very nice. Furthermore, this article gave me an idea for another great experience I could get here in Canada. All in all it was a well written article that I really liked.

If you want to know more about what you can do and experience in the aerial course “La Rafale”, I recommend you read this nice article too.

Source: “Look up- way, way up” by Julia Sisler
Ottawa Outdoors magazine (Summer/Fall 2011) page 8-9

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