Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are sea and whitewater kayakers the same animal? - Ken Whiting

Rating ***
This was a very interesting article, comparing the main differences and similarities between whitewater and sea kayaking.
In this article, the author discusses how sea and whitewater kayaking are actually very similar. The techniques developed and used for the one sport can easily be integrated and be useful in the other. In the end, both sports bring people who enjoy the outdoors to the water to experience its serenity and freedom.
This article has given me a different view of kayaking. As a sea kayaker, I would have thought that whitewater kayaking would require very different skills. The knowledge that whitewater kayaking is about working with the water, rather than against it is a very interesting concept. I guess that really sums up the way all outdoor sports should be considered. Never should we be outdoors to fight against nature. Instead, we work with nature to appreciate and enjoy all there is. Perhaps whitewater kayaking will be a new way for me enjoy the water?
This would be a good article for someone to read if they were interested in trying a new water sport. It really leaves you with something to think about.

Whiting,Ken. “Are sea and whitewater kayakers the same animal?” Ottawa Outdoors (Summer/Fall 2005): 10. Print

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