Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wild Horses of Alberta

Rating: *****

In the foothills of Alberta, kilometres away from any town, near the historic Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, live many wild horses the locals call “wildies”. For years, these horses ran free through an area the size of Vancouver Island without worries. But, in the last decade, more than 30 wild horses have been shot.
The article The Wild Horses of Alberta tells the story of the day Tom McKenzie found 4 wild horses shot just off the junction of Coal Camp Road and Forestry Trunk Road in the foothills of western Alberta. Tom had brought his girlfriend to go see the horses when, to his horror, found a stallion slowly dying with three other horses, including a colt, severely injured.
The article demonstrates how these poor helpless animals are being shot, and left for death, for absolutely no reason. I like how the article shows the need in helping these horses and putting an end to the horrible things being done to them.
For the last decade, nothing has been done to help these horses but some day, something has to change.

The Wild Horses of Alberta, Geoff Powter
<> May 2010 issue

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