Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Article 2

125 Things We Love Out There – compilation

rating: *****

The cover article of Explore magazine, “125 Things We Love Out There” was a fantastic article. various writers who love the outdoors got together and all wrote miniature articles about the top 125 things they love about the outdoors. It starts off simple with things like deet, doing nothing, and hand warmers. The article evolves into much more important things, like exploring, national parks, and shared moments. I can see how the items or actions on this list can be important to people, and I can relate to quite a few. While some things in this article were more serious, some of the writers had articles that made me chuckle, and some captivated me, like #1. the only problem with this article is that #1 is shown right as you open the article, as opposed to working up from 125. Other than that, it is a flawless article.

Explore magazine, June 2006

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