Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting into Trouble

Rating: *****

One of the greatest fears people have when in the bush is encountering bears, and they would never want to come face to face with one. However, author Daniel Wood wanted the complete opposite while on a five day trip in British Columbia's South Chilcotin Mountains with a friend.

As their trip was coming to an end, the hikers/photographers had seen way too many flowers, and not enough grizzly bears. Wood was desperate enough to check every animal stool sample he found just to find a fresh dropping in hopes of being close to a bear. Suddenly, a mother grizzly and her two cubs appear on the trail 75 feet away from the hikers, but an unlikely technique saves them from an attack.

The author of this article used humor, which made it very enjoyable, and the twist at the end of the article was very good. This article is part of a list called "125 Things We Love Out There", which I think is funny since coming face to face with a huge and dangerous creature like a bear is not exactly something I would love.

Wood, Daniel. "Getting into Trouble". Explore Magazine. June 2006. Page 14. Print.

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