Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Article #2

Fresh and Delicious Camping Meals
Callan, Kevin
explore magazine
This article is filled with helpful hints about keeping the fresh foods you want to take camping fresh for longer. They realize that when you aren't camping with a car, it’s almost impossible to carry ice with you, let alone keep fresh food good. I thought this article would be really interesting after having to deal with a few days of no refrigerator.
They gave specific ideas about keeping food fresh such as bringing dry ice instead of other kinds of ice because it weighs less and also doesn't leave the food wet after it melts. They also said that you can wrap cheese or meat in cheese cloth soaked in vinegar to keep it fresher. Another thing I learned from this article was that once you crack an egg, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Some people crack their eggs to bring them on a trip so the shells won't break in their packs, but then they are more susceptible to food poisoning.
The ideas in this article were really good and helpful because I see them as being actual things I could do in the future when I go camping. I'm very glad to have read this article because of how nervous I was of the food going bad. The ideas make sense to me and I’m glad to have read this, and I think these ideas will make me more excited to do a camping/hiking trip again.

Calla, Kevin/ explore Canada’s Outdoor Magazine/ Featured Articles: Tips: Fresh and Delicious Camping Meals/ November 7 2011/ http://explore-mag.com/article/tips/camp-gruel/

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