Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Article 1

Rating **** 27 Hour Portage

this article is about a group of 8 people that have been specifically chosen to go on a special trip. A 1200km canoe trip! the only supplise that were given are little food and clothing that go with the time period of the canadien indians of the 1800's. other than that they had to find anything else they needed like water. the trip took over a month and had many difficulties. for one week the canoe had a huge hole on the bottom of it and used their little supplise to fix it. the trip was from winipeg to the york factory. the canoe was over 32 feet long and on one of the portages it took over 27 hours to complete. the longest porage i ever did only took an hour so 27 is a big deal. most people were surprized that the task was completed but did it anyways because of their mental and phisical strength.

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