Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Getting into the swing of hammock camping – By Dave Brown

Rating ***

Do you feel uncomfortable when you go camping? Do you want to try a new technique to camp? If the answer is yes, this article will be good for you. It gives some interesting information about hammock camping and it is well organized.

“Getting into the swing of hammock camping” talks about hammock camping and it is organized in six parts: introduction, brief history, sleeping, camping, structure, and environment. First, the article talks about what people think when they see the word hammock, and usually relaxing and comfort are related to this word. Then, the author gives information of where the hammock comes from and how it has evolved. Then the author talks about sleeping when you are camping. He gives different advantages to sleeping in a hammock compared to the basic tent camping. He gives details of your position when you sleep in a hammock. The hammock is a good solution, if you have pain in your shoulder, back or neck after a camping night in a tent. The hammock is really useful, because you don’t need to find a flat area or platform to camp. The structure of a camping hammock is solid, and keeps away sun and rain. It is versatile and could be used as campfire chair or as a gear loft. The hammock is less expensive and less heavy than a tent. It is easier to take in a bag pack during a trip. If you use the proper method to hang your hammock in a tree, it has less of an impact on nature than a tent.

I liked this article, because I didn’t know that you could do hammock camping and that it is really good structure for any weather. This article gives me the idea to try it and I hope that I could attempt it soon. Hammocks look really comfortable and compact; I think that it could be fun to sleep in one.

I recommend this article for everybody who wants to discover or learn more about hammock camping.

Dave Brown. “Getting into the swing of hammock camping”. Ottawa outdoor magazine (Fall 2011): 5-6-7. Print.

Sarah Jenni-November, 30th

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