Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bare-foot running for fun by Julia Sisler

Rating: ***

Once I saw the title of this article it immediately caught my attention. It brings up some important points on running and explains why only some people should try this unique sport.

This article talks about this man who started running barefoot for fun and now continues it because he thinks it’s better than running with shoes on. Barefoot running is popular in cities like Toronto and Vancouver and all over the United States. After about a week of running barefoot, the guy explains that his feet weren’t getting hurt by rocks or pavement or temperature. The article also explains that barefoot running isn’t for everyone. It gives you a higher risk of getting shin splints and stress fractures and is also not good for people with back or knee problems.

This article has made me want to go outside with no shoes and no socks and just go for a run. While I’m running it would make me think of how my feet are hitting the ground and how it’s different then with shoes on. I learnt more about running and how people can benefit from running barefoot to practice for a big race. I think that running barefoot would be that much different than running with shoes on but I learnt that they use 2 different techniques. This article just really opened my eyes to all the different ways of running now a days.

Sisler, Julia. “Ottawa Outdoors.” Summer/Fall 2011 10 November 2011: Page 7. Print.

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