Sunday, November 13, 2011

Enjoying Gatineau Park and respect its environment by The Nation Capital Commission

Rating: ***

This isn’t actually an article but yet a column talking about Gatineau Park and how to respect the environment in the park.

In this column, it tells readers about the hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing there is in the park. It also tells readers about the Pack in, Pack out policy there is at the park. For hikers, there is more than 160 kilometres of pathways and trails. For mountain bikers there is about 90 kilometres of trails for beginner and intermediate riders. There are plenty of cliffs at Gatineau Park that look like they might be for rock climbing but there are only certain cliffs that are permitted for rock climbing. The column encourages anyone that goes to the park to leave no garbage or food behind.

I really like doing mountain biking in class so I would love to go to Gatineau Park since I think the trails would be good for my difficulty level. Gatineau Park has great scenery and I can imagine how beautiful it would be to go hiking in the park. I’m inspired by how much the NCC is trying to protect the environment in the Gatineau Park and how well the park has turned

The National Capital Commission. “Ottawa Outdoors.” Summer/Fall 2008 12 November 2011: Page 24. Print.

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