Monday, November 28, 2011

Caomputer Error-Will Gadd

Rating **

Will Gadd begins his article by quoting his friend that said with satellite covering the whole world, true adventure is dead. At first, Gadd was in agreement and so was I.
The author explains his planned kayaking trip through the upper Atnarko River in British Columbia that had been outlined and arranged by computer. When Gadd and his friends came to day three of their originally planned two-day trip and had only covered half the river they commented that the digital-satellite was not as current as they had hoped because the amount of trees blocking the river had slowed their time down greatly. While contemplating portaging or weaving through, the group discussed calling for a rescue team for lack of food and dangerous bears by the river. Gadd’s kayak ended up drifting downstream and unnoticeably heading for a grizzly bear. The author describes his feelings and thoughts as he flipped his kayak and attempted to stay unharmed. Will Gadd concludes his article by explaining that digital knowledge has not perfected the experience of being in the wilderness and that “Adventure is still alive and well. You just can’t see it on a computer screen.”
A satellite picture of an even unbelievable view does not give justice to the feeling one gets when they are in the middle of the outdoors.

Gadd, Will/Computer Error: Now that you can see the world in Google Earth, the real thrills are in the details/p. 23/Explore: Canada’s Outdoor Magazine/ September-October 2011

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