Monday, November 28, 2011

Generation What Next- Ryan Stuart

Rating ***

Looking for an article, this title caught my eye. The author, Ryan Stuart, highlights the biggest accomplishments that have yet to be successful for Canadian outdoor adventurers.
Stuart touches on several activities we’ve seen in class. He challenges the next generation for an Olympic gold in mountain biking, rock climbing the Rockies in one year, and skiing down Mount Bryce. Stuart even mentions a wing suit (which I had seen a video of in class) and he dares the nest generation to invent a way to land in the suit instead of pulling for a parachute. The author also discusses more important subjects too, such as the challenge of collecting 100 volunteer hours in a year or reducing the contribution to climate change.
Even though I would find it really hard to believe I would be able to do any of these challenges, it will be interesting to watch as new adventurers attempt the unaccomplished.

Stuart, Ryan/Generation What Next/p. 48/Explore: Canada’s Outdoor Magazine/ September-October 2011

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