Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dehydrating food is simple and fast

Dehydrating food is simple and fast


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Ever wonder how to keep your food from going bad while you’re on a long trip. There are plenty of methods to keep food from going bad for long periods of time. However, some of these methods take far too long, are very complicated, difficult to carry, or are too expensive. This article explains how simple, inexpensive, light, and fast dehydrating foods can be.

Dehydrating foods is a very effective way to keep your food from going bad. For example, Pemmican (a concentrated mixture of protein, fats and other nutrients) is a dehydrated food that weighs a little more than a tenth of what fresh meat does, even though it has similar nutrients. However, Pemmican is sometimes hard to prepare and not always the best option to bring on a trip. Other dehydrated foods are also very easy to carry with you, because they are light and don’t go bad even after long periods of time. Unfortunately, dehydrated foods that are sold in stores tend to be overpriced. Luckily, dehydrating your own food is fast and simple. If you have your own commercial food dryer it is extremely easy and you can dry several trays of food at once. Having a food dehydrator makes the process even simpler, but if you don’t have one there is no need to worry. To dehydrate food, all you need is to keep the food at a temperature around 110 degrees, while maintaining a good airflow. You can dehydrate many different foods, such as fruits, sauces, rice, vegetables, meats (as long as they’re cooked first), applesauce, and many others. To “re-hydrate” the foods is even simpler. Just place the dehydrated food in warm water for a couple of minutes and it will almost completely return to its original state. Not only is dehydrating food a lighter, simpler, and cheaper method of packing food; it is also healthier. By dehydrating foods this enables you to bring perishable foods that you couldn’t normally bring on longer trip. This makes it much easier to bring food from all four food groups. There are plenty of very nutritious meals that can be dehydrated that are vital in supplying you with the energy required for your days ahead in whatever kind of trip that you are on.

Unfortunately, I did not find this article to be as informative as I thought it would be. I found that the author never really went into detail about anything; something would be mentioned and then he would move on. I would recommend this article to someone who was looking for dehydrated meal ideas. Although I didn’t learn much about dehydrating foods from this article, I now have many more ideas for my dehydration assignment.

Max Finkelstein “Dehydrating food is simple and fast” Ottawa Outdoor Magazine (Noverber 10th, 2011)

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