Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Kayaking Makes You Smarter

By: Tim Shuff

One of the worst things that can happen at work or during school is when you are in a middle of a hard problem and you just can’t seem you figure it out. You think of every possibility possible but you just can’t seem to figure it out. This article is about possible ways to clear your head and help you resolve your problem.

The article is based around the ideas from the book The Breakout Principal: How to Activate the Natural Trigger to Maximizes Creativity, Athletic Performances Productivity and Personnel Well-Being. The article is all about if you are stuck on something and keep figuring it out by doing repetitive physical or mental activities. You can do anything for sewing needle point to kayaking. Any activity would work as long as it is repetitive. The article gives you examples of successful people that have used this idea and have profited from this method.

This article had an interesting idea behind it but I did not think it was written out as well as it could have been. In this article there was not a lot about how kayaking can make you smarter. It was mostly about the book the author of the article had read. I believe that if there had more solid facts on kayaking and it making you smarter than I would have enjoyed it more. I don’t think I would recommend this to my peers. The article has a very intriguing idea behind it but the execution was lacking and therefore made the article less of a good read.

Rating: **

“How Kayaking Makes You Smarter”/by Tim Shuff/ Adventure Kayak magazine/ summer 2007/pg.50/

By: Rachel Andolfatto

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