Monday, November 14, 2011

A Father's Story
- Gord Keen

This article is about a father whos son went biking. Gord Keen told his son to tell him his route and to take his cellphone just in case. Then just before 7 p.m. got a call from a man on his sons cellphone explaining to him that his son had been invovled in an accident, and that he was on the side of the road with his son. When Keen got to the scene of the accident, 3 km away from their house, his son was on the ground with a blanket laying on top of him with a pool of blood beside his head. There was a giant dent in the truck where Alex Keen had hit it. Alex's glasses were on the ground in pieces, his Argon 18 Mercury was destroyed. The driver said he had seen Alex when he was stopped at the stop sign but didn't understand that a bike could move so far, so fast. Alex was going 40 km/h, he suffered from a broken nose and serious concussion. The doctor said if he wasn't wearing a helmet the accident could have been fatal. The driver was charged with "failure to yield to traffic on a through highway."

This article I thought would be a good one for our class, as we are biking. And now I feel like if I ever go biking I will wear a helmet for sure. Because drivers are not aware to bikers as everyone would like. And bikers have to be just as aware of cars. But definately the moral of the article was to reach out to people and make sure people understand that wearing a helmet can be the difference between life and death.

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