Monday, November 14, 2011

Introduction to white water kayaking

Rating: ****

This article is about white water kayaking. The title says it all. It has lots of basic information on this sport.

The article gives details about how to get started, where to get started, and what you need to get started. It also tells you where to buy supplies, which supplies to get, and where the best places are to go kayaking. It also gives advice on strokes. Some examples are the forward and back strokes, and the forward and back sweeps.

The article is written by someone who kayaks, so they know the benefits of kayaking. This article will be useful for the future in outdoor ed, because we are going to go white water kayaking at some point. So you could learn the basics and not be completely confused when we are first learning.

I recommend this article to anyone thinking about starting white water kayaking, as it will give you all of the basics.

Ottawa Outdoors Premier edition James Roddick pgs. 37-39

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