Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frontenac Hiking trip

Day 1: as we board the buss i am filled with excitement, by the time we get off the buss i am filled with nausia ... :/ We take pics, set out to our trip and start to hike and talk, lots of fun was to come but being exausted wasint fun. after getting to the camp from day one, i got stung by a wasp but i was more worried about being too tired for day 2. as we go to sleep we get ambushed by other classmates attempting to scare us.
Day 2: when i woke up at 5am i was FREEZING and just wanted to go back to sleep in the warm. We end up getting up then leave camp for day 2 of hiking, it didnt help that i was running off of 6 hours of sleep but that didnt stop me. When we got to camp we set up out stuff and then made a fire. relaxed and fell to sleep.
Day 3: After having a great sleep i was happy to get on the road back to the parking lot when all of a sudden the teachers vanish -_-. They ended up being on the path back to the parking lot and hiding behind a hill. We make it back to the buss and i slept most of the way back.

overall i think that the hiking trip was very fun and i would love to do something like this again.

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