Monday, November 7, 2011

Deconstructing Fear - Dominique Larocque

Rating: ****

This article is a decomposition of fear and its power to destroy a person’s confidence. The author, Dominque Larocque, tells about her experience at a workshop where she learned about fear and nervousness and broke them down to learn how to conquer them.

I found this article to be very useful. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows that there are risks involved and it is uncertain that your trip will go completely as planned. That is when fear can set in and take over. Fear can cause one to freeze and make them unable to act in an emergency situation. Should something happen or should you be in a risky situation, freezing up due to fear is not an option. You need to be ready to act when something goes wrong or the problem could worsen. The article shows that fear itself is the only thing to fear in life.

Larocque. Dominique. “Deconstructing Fear” Ottawa Outdoors (summer/fall 2009): 15. Print

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