Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iliotibial band aid

Iliotibial Band-Aid

The article, Iliotibial Band Aid is targeting runners who are suffering from well, iliotibial pain. The article describes what iliotibial pain is: the IT band (a long strand of tissue) which rubs up against the femur, rubbing causes the IT band to degenerate causing pain. Many runners suffer from it band pain, and it even causes those runners to stop running temporarily because of the intense pain. IT band pain is caused by a sloppy gate, meaning people are running inefficiently. Another problem could be their muscle could be too short causing tension.

IT band pain is easy enough to cure, stretching the IT band to reduce tension of the tissue which causes the rubbing, or running in a more effective method. Another method would be to strengthen the muscles in and around the thigh.

This was a pretty good article, I had iliotibial pain while playing rugby in grade 10, probably caused by the 3k warm up jog ( I hadn’t done any running for a while) and the whole side of my leg was in a lot of pain. My mom who was a message therapist told me it was my IT band and got me to stretch it.

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