Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trekker's third leg: an energy-saving staff

Trekker's third leg: an energy-saving staff

By: Mike Lomas

Rating: ***

This article caught my attention because during our hiking trip I used a walking stick, therefore I was able to relate to it.

The article starts off by informing the reader of the usefulness of a walking stick; they can give extra balance, agility and energy. It then goes into some history on walking sticks. Some places that they've come up are in: Egypt, the pharaohs, Cleopatra, and Moses, in fables such as Robin Hood. Then it explains how the staff was used as a weapon, it then went on to become a symbol of high office and authority. Finally the article then describes how you can buy or make one. To make a walking stick they say it should go to eye-level, be sturdy and 2.5cm-4cm thick.

This article had me thinking of the walking stick I whittled for myself during the hiking trip. After thinking about my walking stick I realized that it fit these suggestions they gave. It was up to my eyes originally but I whittled it down, it was relatively thick and it was really sturdy.

Lomas, Mike. Trekker's third leg: an energy-saving staff. Ottawa Outdoors. Fall 2011. Page 18-20

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