Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lynx on the line

The article "lynx on the line" is about how lynx behave, react, and live. Lynx are found all over canada and are starting back to populate from in the 1970's when humans would hunt lynx for their fur. Slowly they start to grow back from their full decade of almost being extinct. 2 researchers set a trap to see if a lynx would get caught for tagging and tests, they go back to the lodge for the night, come back in the morning and find a lynx in the cage, but they let it go due to them already tagging it previous years before. After letting it go it sprints into the wild ignoring the humans to go to safety. Lynx are independant and smart, i believe that they could live long forever. And this article has inspired me to be more carefull to indangered species and help animals in need in the future. :)

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