Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mountain Biking the Cabot Trail: A cycling adventure in Cape Breton

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I will never forget my very first experience with mountain biking. It was more than 2 years ago and i was speeding down a steep hill, having so much fun until I felt too uncontrolled, and, panicked, pulled my front brake. I went flying over my handlebars and landed with my face in the mud and gravel. You can imagine I was hesitant when Mr. Brouwer announced our next unit in Outdoor Ed; mountain biking.

Laurie March's article guides her readers through a Cape Breton biking trail. March begins by explaining the best starting point for the trail. She goes on to illustrate the views of the hillside, the town and the shores from the top of the mountain.

March continues by listing tourist attractions along the way as well as the most memorable downhills and biking paths that are taken throughout the trail.

It is obvious to the reader by the end of the article, that Laurie March not only had a memorable adventure on the Cape Breton bike trail but also, that she wishes to share her experience with others in hope that they will have just as good a time.

When I finished the article, i realized what a passion mountain biking is to certain people. I hope to gain more confidence on different bike trails throughout the unit and learn to feel comfortable behind my handlebars again.

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