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Rating: ****

"Playing for keeps in black bear country" is a short and well organized article, this article talks about the bears' behavior and gives some good advice to avoid them.

"Playing for keeps in black bear country" explains what you can do to reduce the chances of meeting a bear when you are hiking, and gives some information about the bear's life and attitude. Do you know that one of the best things to do is to make noise? Then, the article gives some specific advice for camping: Change the clothes just after cooking, do the dishes away than your campsite, put food on high place... everything to be pretty sure that you won't meet a bear! The end talks about how you can react if you meet a bear and gives some clear information for different scenarios.

I really enjoyed my reading, because I learned a lot about the bear behavior. This article gives information and advice which allows you to relax and know the best reactions for each situation. I was a little afraid about a bear attack, but I am not anymore after reading this article.

I think this article could be very good for everyone who likes go camping and/or hiking in Canada. Bear attacks are a real danger so it's important to know how to can react. It's a good article for people who are nervous to go hiking or camping because of bear presence.

Playing for keeps in black bear country. Heather Burke. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Web. . 11 November 2011.

By Sarah Jenni

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