Thursday, November 3, 2011

Should I Use Tubeless Tires?

Should I Use Tubeless Tires? - Kevin Tisue

Rating: ***

This article answers a readers question on whether or not he should use tubeless tires while mountain biking. The poster, Kevin Tisue, goes on to explain his experience using both tubeless tires and tires with tubes. He explains how, even though his experiences with tubeless tires were flawless, the rest of the members of his biking team had less than great experiences. The only trouble he says he has with tubeless tires would be replacing them, especially if you get a flat during a trip. Overall he recommends tubeless tires to anyone looking for a better performance and less flats during their biking trips.

After reading this article and thinking about all my bad luck I've had with getting flats because of worn out tubes, it made me reconsider getting tubeless tires.

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