Friday, November 4, 2011

Green Atlas

Discovery-Green Atlas by Carol Hilton
This article is about The rapid decline of Amphibious species. It talks about a group of maritimers who love amphibians so much that they create the Nova Scotia Herpetofaunal Atlas. Its an Atlas that shows where there are a low population of amphibious species using data colected by over 200 volunteers. Amphibians are specially susceptible to pollutants and toxins, as they take in chemicals so easily through thier skin. Thier habitats are also threatened, by acid rain, road building, and other human involved activities. The Atlas is the first of its kind with Data collected since 1999. Fred Scott says "If a species declines in an area over time, we can look at what might have cause it and try to stop any enviromental degredation and protect the species."

This article makes you think about what WE can do to show people the declinning species of the world. Maybe if enough people are aware of the problem we could figure out how to solve it. In the end it was an interesting article.

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