Friday, November 11, 2011


- Darren Cope -

Rating ***

Have you ever gone winter camping? I have not. This article improved my camping knowledge and how to fight against the cold of a Canadian winter. It is really easy to read and gives clear information about winter camping.

This article gives advice to camp in winter and the information is organized in five categories. First, the author gives information about clothing, which kind of clothes you should wear to stay dry during trekking, and which one to keep warm for sleeping. Second, the author talks about clothing and gear that is useful for trekking. Third, he gives advice about water, how important it is to drink enough, and how get water from ice or snow. Fourth, he talks about cooking methods when it is cold. At the end, he gives information about winter camp preparation, it is general advice to have fun during winter camping.

This article affects my winter camping knowledge and gives me more information. After reading it, I think I am more prepared to go camping in winter and I am not afraid anymore to be cold or having inappropriate gear. This article gives me confidence to try to go camping this winter, and I hope that I will do it.

Darren Cope. "Winter camping tips". OttawaOutdoors (winter 2007/2008): 11. Print

By Sarah Jenni

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