Thursday, December 22, 2011

Article #5

Do It All-Brad Fenson

Rating: ****

Sam Cudmore

The article that I read for this article review was about hunting and how to prepare for a variety of hunting situations. The author starts off by saying that in the busy society of today, there is little time to get out hunting, but when he can find the time he jumps at the oppurtunity. In this article, Brad Fenson explains that there are five main tips/ways to help you get ready for a hunting trip. The five most important things to remember when planning a trip are: Know your game, be choosy, plan ahead, be prepared, and find shortcuts.

Know your game talks about knowing your primary game, but also having licenses for all available game so you do not run into a trophy animal and not be able to attempt to shoot it. Be choosy talks about being able to pick one or two spots/animals that you would like to pursue so you don't waste time looking around for them. Plan ahead is talking about buying all your licenses before you go on your trip so you do not have to get them in a hurry when your on your way to your hunting camp. Be prepared is mainly about packing the appropriate clothing, guns, bows and other necessary items for your trip and not running around last minute trying to find you ammo for example. Find shortcuts talks about finding ways to cut down on the weight of your hunting pack. Brad says that to cut down on weapons, you can use an all-in-one weapon like the Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter gun. This gun lets you change quickly from, for example, a Moose hunter to a Deer hunter quickly.

This article from the Outdoor Canada magazine is one that I found very interesting. The article is good for me because I have never been hunting before so, because of this article, I now know some pointers that will help me plan for a hunting trip in my future. I would recommend this article to newer hunters because it focuses on simple tips that veteran hunters would already know.

Fenson, Brad. Outdoor Canada. Hunting 2010. Print. Transcontinental Printing. Owen Sound, ON.

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