Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bent Vs. Straight Shaft

Rating: ****

This article was very good. It was informative and entertaining to read. It describes the differences between paddles with bent shafts, and with straight shafts. Unlike most articles, which favour one thing and promote that, this article provides the bad and good of both paddles. The way it was written was entertaining, to say the least. It was written in the form of a duel between two avid fans of each paddle. Cliff Jacobson supports the bent shaft, while Kevin Callan is on the straight side. The article is an interview with both of them, switching from one to the next. Although each of them will stand by their respective paddle, they respect the beneficial aspects of both of the paddles. This article is an interesting read, which will also help you decide on a particular kind of paddle.

Canoeroots 2011 buyers guide pg. 40, Canoeroots Eds.

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