Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don’t Go Out of Your Head When You’re Out in the Bush

Rating: ****

Don’t Go Out of Your Head When You’re Out in the Bush, an article about the importance of your mental state while you are out in the woods. “Bush madness” is a term they use in describing people who have lost their mental state when they got lost in the woods. Without a strong mental state, people can start to make bad decisions that can get them into bad situations. They cross freezing raging rivers, tumble over cliffs and even run across busy roads.
This article demonstrates the importance of a strong mental state in any survival situations. Without a good mental state you could lose the will to survive and start making horrible decisions that could put your life at risk.
I like how the article shows the importance mental state has in survival and what could happen without it.

Don't Go Out of Your Head When You're Out in the Bush, Gerry Godsoe
Spring/Summer 2009 issue, page 6

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