Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost In The Gatineaus

Rating: ****
Lost In The Gatineaus, an article about how a Sunday hike in the Gatineau with two good friends turned into a search and rescue. Author Tony Gariano and his two good friends, Heather and Monique, had planned a Sunday hike in the Gatineaus and to be home for dinner. Tony, the only one who knew the area, had failed to tell the others that he did not know where they were. They continued on, becoming even more lost, crossing cold rivers and slippery rocks. Heather had slipped and injured her ankle; they had to stay the night in their wet clothes. After 36 hours, the three friends were rescued by family and several volunteers.
This article demonstrates how even little things, like not admitting you have lost your way, can put you into dangerous situations. If Tony had told the others that they were lost, they could have turned back and found familiar ground and probably wouldn’t have been stuck in the situation they had been.
I like how this article shows that even the smallest mistakes can change some ones plans completely and you should hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Lost In The Gatineaus, Tony Gariano
Summer/Fall 2008 issue, page 14-16

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