Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ken Kamler: Medical miracle on Everest

This Ted Talk is based around determination and how certain thoughts can generate will to survive in the direst situations. This Ted Talk was about an expedition to climb to the top of Mount Everest which ended up being one of the worst occurrences on the mountain. This story is told from the perspective of Ken Kamler who was the only doctor that was with the group that went on this expedition. The expedition was going smoothly, they had set 4 different camps beforehand so they would only have to climb to that destination and it also made them a path to follow. When they reached the fourth camp that was only a few thousand feet below the summit some wanted to go the rest of the way. The ones that wanted to go could not because the winds on the top of Mount Everest were to severe but later that same day the winds stopped and the people decided to climb to the summit that night. After the group was nearing the summit a freak storm had made its way to the top. They were all stranded on the hill. One of the group members was Beck Weathers who was said to have collapsed and dead. The other climbers that did not go to the summit started to try to rescue those that were stranded on the Mountain. After a few of the first climbers had made it back to the third camp and were being checked by Ken, Beck walked into the tent, after he was said to have been seen dead. After the climbers that were left alive had made it back down to the bottom of the summit it was said by Beck that the only way he was able to climb down was because of the thoughts that ran through his mind of his family and friends that he knew would be home waiting for his return.

This story of perseverance has affected my life by showing me how happy thoughts and determination to see your loved ones can give you the strength to push on in situations that you would rather just give up in. This has made me think about how determined some people can be and how the little things can completely change a situation. I learned that perseverance and the memories you hold can save your life. This has inspired me to always think that in dire situations to think of better things that await you at the finish line but this will probably not change my behavior about climbing Mount Everest.

-Christian Cooper

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