Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 Tips for Successful Bird Watching

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This article talks all about how to be successful at bird watching. In five simple steps you can become a master bird watcher having never done it before. This article is very informative and has lots of great ideas.

The articles gives five steps to successful bird watching. The first step is get to where the birds are! This means don't sit around in an area where there is a low population of wildlife, for example, from your backyard. The best place is to go is to a National Wildlife Refuge. Step two is to know what to expect! There are many birds so do your research before going. With a little preparation you will be able to identify one bird species from another. Another good idea is to keep a list of all the birds you have viewed. Step three is to get a pair of good binoculars! After spending all that time and money to get to the right place to watch birds it can be totally wasted if your binoculars are inadequate. Step four is to practice before you go! Always practice with your equipment, for example your binoculars. A good practice exercises is to try and follow a plane in the sky. First lower your binoculars to your side and very quickly raise them to find and follow a plane and after a few attempts you'll get good at quickly acquiring your target. Last but not least is step five. Take someone with you! Life is always better when shared and the person you bring really could help you spot different birds or things you might not have noticed.

Overall this article was good and I enjoyed reading it. I would recommend this article to anyone who wants to try bird watching in the future. It has showed me some good tips that maybe someday I will use.

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