Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alone Across the Atlantic by Jon Turk


Can you imagine rowing across 5,500 km of ocean over 76 days, with no human company. Well, Paul Attalla did just that. The Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race is the worlds most dificult rowing race, during the race competitors must travel 5,500 km across the Atlantic Ocean. There are no check points for racers and takes even the fastest boats over 2 months to complete. Boat sizes range from solo boats to five person boats. This article is about a mans journey across the atlantic ocean, it desscribes all the various challenges he faces over 76 days at sea. One of the biggest challenges he had to overcome was a leak in his boat on day 8, every day after that he pumped the water out of his boat so he could continue rowing.

This article demonstrates that if you never give up on your dreams something amazing may come out of it. Reading this article it makes me think about the things I would like to acomplish in my lifetime and how in going to get there. I learn't that self determination and the will to follow your dreams is crutial in becoming the person you want to be. Another thing that I learn't from this article was to never let inexperience stop you from doing what you want.

Turk, Jon/Alone Across The Atlantic/p. 68/Explore: Canada's Outdoor Magazine/June 2008

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