Thursday, January 26, 2012


Look -up way, way up


This is a very fascinating article and a great read of some thing I have been wanting to do my whole life. This article is very different and a good read. It talks about “La Rafale” in Quebec were in the forest there is a many different obsticals swings, ropes and zip lines.

There is a practice session that helps you get into your comfort zone before you get a move on to the harder courses. Once you complete the practice session there is and endless array of tracks starting at beginner courses up to intermediate. Which would range from 6 to 14 meters. While extrema courses could reach 25 meters. There is also a full zip line course and a children area as well. If you go as a team of work place it is a lot of fun and a great team building experience. They go through many safety pro-cautions to ensure you are as safe as possible. A lot of fun for every body a time you will never forget.

I have never been to a park like this but it interests me very much. The climbing, swinging and jumping is something I have been doing my whole life but on a much smaller scale this look like a very good experience that I will have to try in the near future.
I recommend this article to any body who like to try something new and have fun doing it.

Source: Ottawa outdoors summer/fall 2011 “Look up- way,way up.” By Julia Sisler

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