Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kayaking the 1000 islands

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this article was an okay read not to existing or adventurous. It talked about a group of people for Orleans that kayaked through the 1000 islands and the experiences that they had.

This article started with a group of people that were a part of the PIOC the Petrie island outdoor club. They set off in the morning with about 20 people that were split into group of 5 with a group leader to show them around the islands. They were also given a lesson before the journey to help them with their paddling and the proper grip and movement to stay at strayed and get into a rhythm. The groups were off discovering new and different parts of the islands and learning new skills along the way. The groups met for lunch and walked around one of the islands the hit shore at. They talked about their experiences on the way back home kayaking as a group.

I have never been but I would love to go some day I seems like a beautiful experience and one I would love to participate in one day. I really suggest reading this article and also to go on a Kayaking trip with a group of your friends one day.

Source: Ottawa outdoor fall 2011 “Kayaking the 1000 islands”By Jenifer Goldstone Pg 16

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